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CLT East is an umbrella organisation in the East of England, registered with the National CLT Network, and set up to help local communities acquire assets which they retain in perpetuity via an ‘asset-lock’. By establishing what a community wants for itself – often affordable housing but it could be saving the local pub or shop, keeping the school open, providing recreational facilities – we work with them to ensure that the development is appropriate to their needs, in keeping with what is already there and show them how that they can safeguard their community and see it survive and thrive.

We help the CLT involve everyone in the wider community by talking to them about the need, designs and plans; encouraging individuals to become members of the CLT for £1 and through consultation making sure that design schemes are accepted as far as possible by everyone.

We work closely with Local Authorities, awarding bodies such as HCA and specialist funders, architects, developers, landowners and specialist advisers such as solicitors and accountants to help set-up a CLT, and through our sister company Palace Green Homes we can organise calls for land, help write business plans and do feasibility studies to take the germ of an idea all the way through to fruition.

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