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East Cambridgeshire District Council has a vision to deliver growth, including affordable homes, where, when and how communities want it. It is a Council corporate priority over the period 2015-2019 to help make this happen.

The Council is at the forefront of the national initiative to support communities to help themselves. In addition to Policy Growth 6 (page 42) in the Local Plan the Council has a special Supplementary Planning Document to provide people with a better understanding of how planning applications for community-led development proposals should be prepared and subsequently assessed by the Council.

A user friendly pamphlet which gives advice and further sources of information has also been produced called ‘What will you build in your community?

All these resources are freely available on the Council website.

The Council is really excited about the prospect of community-led developments popping up all over the district, whether it be a small affordable housing scheme in a rural village, a mixed housing and commercial scheme in a medium size settlement, or a large scale housing and employment scheme in one of its market towns. 

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